Where Are You on Your Data Journey?

Our team of experts will meet you where you are and help you make the most of the data you already have.

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The Ultimate Journey: Stay Legendary
The Ultimate Journey: Stay Legendary

Tensure Consulting

Our Data Maturity Model

Starving, Chasing, or Drowning?

Every business goes on a Natural Journey with data, from Collecting & Storing, to Increasing Visibility, to Putting your Data to Work.

We use a Data Maturity Model to help you identify where you are on this journey.

Data Storage & Collection

Starving for Data? We can help you get Visibility.

Increasing Visibility

Tired of Chasing your Data? We can give you a “Single Pane of Glass.”

Prediction & Automation

Drowning in Data? We can help you Take Control.

The First Challenge

Data Storage & Collection

The first challenge faced by any business large or small is Data Storage & Collection. Somewhere along the line, your business decided what data it needed to operate and where it was going to keep that data 

But operating with data is not the same as operating from data. If your business is still in the Storage & Collection stage, you may feel like you’re “Starving” for Data, like you’re living in a “data desert” where the information you need is always just out of reach. If that’s the case, we can assess your current data pipeline, helping you make the most of the data you already have and using the tools you already have access to.

Getting visibility is the first step, and you probably have no idea just how many free, easy-to-use resources are already available to you and your team.

Starving, Chasing, or Drowning: Where Are You on Your Data Journey?

A Single Pane of Glass

Climb the Visibility Ladder with Intelligent Alerting and Monitoring

After Storage & Collection, the next stage is what we call “Climbing the Visibility Ladder.”

Most businesses have Reports, those historical, “looking back” views that help you understand what happened in the past. The problem with reports is that eventually, as the business grows, you end up with too many and you spend half your time trying to figure out which report has the information you need.

In this phase, you may feel like you’re “Chasing Your Data,” constantly running around, opening up more reports, wondering if this is the latest and greatest or something totally irrelevant

One way to stop chasing your data is Intelligent Alerting: sending reports to your team based on predefined triggers, but your ultimate goal is Monitoring, building a real-time dashboard, a “single pane of glass” for you and your team.

Operating with data is not the same as operating from data

The Next Step

Analytics, Intelligent Surfacing, and Automation

You started with just capturing data, then you were looking back on the past with Reporting, and now we’re viewing data in real time to generate insights.

So what’s next?

Well, as your business grows, there comes a point where there is just too much data, too many variables, too much input. If you’re in this stage, you may feel like you’re “Drowning in Data” — like even with the whole business at your fingertips, you just can’t keep up. Everything is just moving too fast!

This just means your data has become more powerful, so you need more powerful tools to manage it, tools like:

  • Predictive Analytics: using your data to project future outcomes
  • Intelligent Surfacing: getting the right data to the right people at the right time
  • Machine Learning: shortening the cycle time from data to decision by automating parts of the process

Tensure is the real deal. They’ve managed to integrate wholly into our ecosystem, adopting our tools, processes and rhythms while still providing best-in-class insight from industry leaders

David Dewey, Chief Data Science Officer

How We Can Help

Are You Ready to Put Your Data to Work?

This is the natural journey that businesses go on, from collecting and storing data, to increasing visibility, to putting your data to work

So where are you on this journey?

Are you Starving for Data?

Are you Chasing your Data?

Or are you Drowning in Data?

No matter where you are, Tensure can meet you there, make the most of what you already have, and help you get to the next step of Data Maturity. From startups to large enterprises with hundreds of millions of customers, we’ve helped the world’s leading brands Optimize Data Pipelines, gain Real-time Visibility, and Automate Manual Data Processes.


Our Data Capabilities:

  • Database Migration
  • Data Engineering & Architecture
  • Analytics & BI Dashboards
  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Data Operations & Governance
  • Cloud Data Platform

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