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Looking to stay ahead of the competition? App Modernization can help. Tensure has the experience and expertise to help you build and scale applications quickly and easily, so you can focus on what’s important – your business.

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Modernize Your Apps

Application modernization is a fundamental shift in how software is created and managed. In a monolith architecture, legacy applications are built together as one application, meaning any one piece can break down the whole user experience. Modern application designs are based on micro-services that distribute functionality so no one piece can break the entire application. 

Moving legacy applications to the cloud and modifying the application architecture, developer platform, or application delivery processes improves agility and saves on costs. This is key for businesses looking to keep up with the competition and improve their efficiency.

Modernize with CAMP

Cloud App Modernization Program

Every business’s journey to app modernization looks different. In an effort to not disrupt your customers or business, there are many paths you can take. But, to reap the benefits of cloud computing, it requires more than just a “Lift and Shift”. 

CAMP is a Google Cloud framework designed to help businesses figure out where they are on their journey and identify the most effective and beneficial approach for their modernization efforts. 

We use this framework to assess your application landscape, customer priorities and challenges, uncover opportunities for DevOps improvement, and gain actionable insights to improve customer engagement.

There are four phases of CAMP:

Go Multicloud

Google Anthos for Your Multicloud Environment

Anthos is a platform that helps manage your applications, regardless of whether they are traditional or cloud-native. Anthos can help with migrating from VMs, optimizing applications for use in Google Kubernetes Engine, and automating policy and security across your business. 

Tensure can help you make use of Anthos to get the most out of your applications, regardless of environment, with improved consistency and best practices for DevOps/DevSecOps. With big data’s complexity and other business issues, utilizing a Top-Rated Google Cloud Partner can help you save on costs, increase resource utilization, and keep your data safe.

Containerize with Kubernetes

Get flexibility and speed from containers

Containerizing with Kubernetes is a surefire way of increasing agility, scalability, and reliability. Kubernetes is quickly becoming the industry standard for container orchestration, and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) makes it easy for you to deploy, manage and scale your applications in the cloud so you can get back to writing code.

Tensure partners with Google to offer Kubernetes Engine (GKE), which can help you:

  • Develop apps faster without sacrificing security
  • Streamline operations with release channels that fit your needs
  • Reduce day 2 ops with Google SREs monitoring your cluster

Case Study: Integrating an Acquired Startup

 Mailchimp acquired a startup and needed to integrate their product with the ecosystem.

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Work With Experts

Work With App Modernization Experts

As your business grows, you may find that the single cloud platform you originally chose is no longer able to meet your needs. At Tensure, we understand that the agility and flexibility of multi-cloud can be essential to keeping up with the competition. 

That’s why we offer App Modernization services to help you make the most of running on multiple clouds. Our Google technology experts can help you build and scale applications quickly and easily, so you can focus on what’s important – your business.


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