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We live in a sea-of-clouds. Each cloud has its own rules & protocols for maintenance, security, and monitoring—until now. At Tensure, we can streamline your multi-cloud landscape using one central hub, Google Anthos.

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Google Anthos & Tensure
Google Anthos & Tensure

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What is Anthos?

Anthos is a managed platform for all your application deployments, both traditional as well as cloud native. Whether you’re trying to migrate from VMs, optimize your application in Google Kubernetes Engine or attempting to automate policy and security at scale across your entire business, Anthos is your one-stop-shop.

The Multi-Cloud Answer

Google Anthos for Your Multi-Cloud Environment

Tensure wants to help you leverage the benefits of any environment, on-premise or across cloud instances with operational consistency across built and managed global fleets. On top of this, Anthos enables quicker software delivery with increased technology functions and DevOps/DevSecOps best practices.

With the complexity of big data, confusing or disparate systems, broken CI/CD pipelines and any other number of issues your business might be facing, bringing in a Top-Rated Google Cloud Partner can help you manage cloud costs, increase resource utilization and stay secure throughout the entire process.

Key Features

Key Features of Anthos

There are many benefits to Google Anthos, including:

  • Manage your entire environment – Simplify your application stack, reduce costs and decrease time spent learning new skills with a single place to manage GKE clusters and VM workloads across environments.
  • Automate and scale security – Create and automate policies across environments to fit your unique security and compliance requirements.
  • Increase visibility into your data – Build efficiency in your operations and development teams with the ability to manage the traffic between services securely while optimizing for application performance.
  • Modernize your security practices – Integrate security into each state of the application lifecycle while integrating a defense-in-depth security strategy built with extensive security controls across any deployment model
  • Build your CI/CD pipeline anywhere – Utilize Anthos to provide the advantages of a Cloud-native CI/CD pipeline and run it using any public cloud or on-premises.

The Economic Benefits of Anthos

Download the Forrester TEI report on Google Anthos and how making the shift can save you money and time

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Anthos and DevOps

Anthos Enabled Software Development

DevOps/DevSecOps is a natural evolution for companies to develop and deploy code quickly and efficiently using a continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline. Anthos plays a pivotal role in centralizing and streamlining your software development and security by automating the communication channels between development, operations and security.

Work With Experts

Work With the Anthos Experts

Your cloud and on-premise environment’s efficiency, integration and safety are vital for the growth of your business. Partner with Tensure as your Google technology experts and we can help you navigate the confusion with best practices, proven technology, and experience in helping companies just like yours.


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