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Tensure’s 30 for 30: Containerize an Application is an easy launch point to run your applications in an environment that is scalable, portable, and cost efficient.

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30 for 30: Containerize an Application

Containerized applications are built to be scalable, portable, and easy to deploy while lowering management effort and costs. Whether you’re struggling to manage your infrastructure or applications, considering a multi-cloud or multi environment hosting solution, or lacking the capability to optimize your current environment – containers might be the best next move for your business.

Our 30 for 30 program is designed as the first step to get your company moving in the right direction. We will provide you with a production ready, containerized application in 30 days, for often for less than $30k.

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Tensure is the real deal. They’ve managed to integrate wholly into our ecosystem, adopting our tools, processes and rhythms while still providing best-in-class insight from industry leaders

David Dewey, Chief Data Science Officer

Where to start

Trusted Partner with Containers

Containers provide a new framework that addresses portability, cost, and speed of delivery concerns but it difficult to get started with. If you are facing issues such as:

  • Incurring extra costs due to using legacy hardware that is far from the current software release
  • Difficulty in moving workloads between data centers or cloud environments
  • Slow delivery of software updates and upgrades that are hindering your business operations

Tensure can help you jumpstart your containerization and set you up to migrate critical workloads, help transition from a monolith infrastructure to microservices, implement stateless solutions, and stay on the cutting edge of emerging infrastructure innovations.

Learn more about how we helped Mailchimp see a 60% increase in application performance.

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Containerizing an app

Cost Management

Manage your cloud costs more efficiently by deploying critical workloads in an environment that can scale with you


Empower your multi-cloud strategy with the ability to lift-and-shift workloads into any cloud environment with containers

Quicker Development

Increase you speed to market with updates with a containerized app that can be destroyed or deployed in minutes.

Infrastructure As Code

Automate your business

Tensure has experience in architecting containerize solutions in multi-cloud environment and helping companies utilize this data to automate their business. Taking the step from manual to automation is a big step, and you need a partner you can trust. Using Infrastructure as Code (IAC) with containers for the setup & maintenance of your applications will remove error proneness and lead to a quicker release cycle through CI/CD tools.

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Work With the Container Experts

Application portability, security and uptime is vital for the success of your business. Tensure will help you with a production-ready, containerized application to jumpstart your journey into automation.

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