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Why move from AWS to GCP?

Whether you’ve prepared for a multi-cloud implementation and are just looking for a partner or your cloud costs are out of control in your current AWS environment and you’re trying to find a solution, Tensure can help you as migration experts with Google Cloud. Google Cloud offers better security, lower consumption costs, and more AI capabilities than AWS. In addition, GCP is easier to use and more developer-friendly, making it the perfect platform for companies that want to leverage the power of the cloud without sacrificing quality or performance.

Tensure is the best agency I’ve ever worked with, period. I often find myself choosing between partners that are great at the work (but lack leadership & creativity) and agencies who are proactive & inventive but don’t enjoy getting into the nitty gritty. Tensure, without ego, flexes between the two areas seamlessly based on whatever I need.

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Evaluate your needs

What do you need from your cloud platform?

You’ll need to consider what you’re using the cloud for and whether or not GCP can provide the same services at a lower cost. You’ll also need to take into account the learning curve associated with moving to a new platform. If you’re not familiar with GCP, it may take some time to get used to it. Google Cloud is highly praised for its emphasis on data and leveraging cutting-edge technology, like machine learning and AI alongside its ease of use.

Security is always a top concern when it comes to managing data in the cloud. Fortunately, several easy-to-use tools can help you keep your data safe in GCP. One of the most important steps is to evaluate your needs and choose a solution that offers the right level of security for your business. By taking some time to evaluate your needs, you can ensure that you’re using the right tools to keep your data safe and manage your costs. Working with a Google Cloud Top-Rated Partner with expertise in AWS to GCP Migration could be pivotal for your business to have the foundation it needs to operate successfully in GCP.

Work With a Premier Google Cloud Partner
Work With a Premier Google Cloud Partner

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Benefits to moving from AWS to GCP

There are many benefits to using GCP alongside of or instead of AWS, including:

  • Lower costs: GCP can help you save money on your cloud infrastructure costs by offering superior pricing options for consumption in comparison to AWS to help you manage your cloud costs.
  • Better security: GCP offers the highest level of security to all users with end-to-end encryption, advanced provisioning, and data hashing.
  • Greater AI capabilities: With GCP, you can take advantage of more advanced Machine Learning & AI with Google Cloud’s Vertex AI and other advanced data tools.
  • Easier to use: GCP is easy to use, making it the perfect platform for companies that want to leverage the power of the cloud without sacrificing quality or performance.

Key Technologies

Technology That Transforms

  1. Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) – Google Cloud’s fully managed Kubernetes service, GKE, includes Autopilot: a mode of operation that is designed to decrease the operational cost of managing and optimizing clusters for production, and at the same time, improves workload capacity.
  2. BigQueryBigQuery is Google’s serverless cloud data storage platform that can conveniently hold massive data sets in one location at low costs. It has built-in integrations that make building and storing large sets of data simple, fast, and cost-effective and centralizes data to allow auto-integrations with other GCP machine-learning tools for advanced analytics.
  3. BigtableBigTable is a database, in the form of an index with billions of documents, that can deliver real-time, very low latency access to terabytes or even petabytes of data. As organizations grow larger and have more and more information to analyze, the need for quick, high read-and-write throughput of data becomes more and more important.
  4. Cloud RunCloud Run is a serverless container and deployment tool that allows developers to run pre-built applications by taking a Docker (OCI) container image and running it as a stateless, autoscaling HTTP service. This helps developers with one of their biggest obstacles in getting code deployed quickly by limiting restrictions and allowing apps to serve on a large scale.
  5. Web App and API Protection (WAAP)WAAP is a security solution that delivers comprehensive fraud and threat protection for web applications and APIs, while at the same, maintaining complete availability and compliance with the applications it supports.

Tensure has been recognized by Google for maximizing campaign success for our clients, driving client growth, and demonstrating Google skills and expertise with certifications.

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