The Future of Manufacturing

Tensure will help you automate manual tasks within your physical and digital environments to reduce labor costs, maintain operational continuity, and drive value from business data.

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Google Anthos & Tensure
Google Anthos & Tensure

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Streamline Your Business

Tensure will accelerate your manufacturing company’s digital transformation and will help you reimagine what your business can do with an automation focus. Whether it’s maintaining operational continuity with Visual Inspection AI, reducing downtime with predictive maintenance, or connecting your on-prem and cloud systems with Google Anthos, Tensure is your one-stop shop for innovation in manufacturing.

Starving, Chasing, or Drowning: Where Are You on Your Data Journey?

Your business is ready for automation

With every market getting increasingly more competitive, adopting automation for operational efficiency is vital to stay competitive and increase margin.

  • Enable business continuity with visual inspection AI and touchless interactions with machines.
  • Optimize operations – through artificial intelligence with predictive maintenance, visual inspection for production processes, and automated logistics scheduling and routing.
  • Drive value – from operations and your disparate business systems with a connected factory and Google Anthos acting as your single pane of glass.


Built for Manufacturing

Visual Inspection AI

Improve your quality control and inventory tracking automatically and get insights you’ve never been able to see before.

Predictive Maintenance

Reduce downtime and optimize your operations with a predictive maintenance model built for your unique business

Connected Factory

Harmonize and standardize your operations data with connected systems and next-gen visualization tools

Work With Experts

Work With the Automation Experts

Your company’s efficiency, integration, and security are vital for your operational continuity. Reimagine your business with Tensure as your manufacturing specialists that can automate your manual processes and implement data-powered efficiencies that will impact your bottom line.


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