Application Driven Transformation

Work with full stack software developers, modernize your application, and build out complex integrations with Tensure.

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What is Application Driven Transformation?

Applications are the single most important digital asset when it comes to growing and fulfilling in every business. Whether it’s a need for custom software to fit your specific industry requirements, integrations to be built out between vital applications for insights, or you just need an application architecture that can grow with you, Tensure can be your go-to partner.

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The Business Case for App Modernization


Application Guiding Lights

Tensure partners with companies to grow. Whether it’s making your Application architecture scalable or integrating two complex businesses that just merged, Tensure has the expertise and experience to make growth seamless.

Tensure’s Guiding light when handling applications are:

  • Sustainability: Increasing application availability and reliability, improving the user experience, and enabling faster innovation.
  • Extensibility: Building for easy integration with third-party systems and services and enabling faster and more cost-effective development of new functionality.
  • Custom Architecture: Creating an application architecture that works for you – promoting agility and security along the way.
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Tensure’s speed, agility, and expertise allows us to stay focused on the long-term.

David Dewey, Mailchimp Chief Data Science Officer

30 for 30

Tensure’s 30 for 30: Containerize an Application

Containerized applications are built to be scalable, portable, and easy to deploy while lowering management effort and costs. Whether you’re struggling to manage your infrastructure or applications, considering a multi-cloud or multi environment hosting solution, or lacking the capability to optimize your current environment – containers might be the best next move for your business.

Our 30 for 30 program is designed as the first step to get your company moving in the right direction. We will provide you with a production ready, containerized application in 30 days, for often for less than $30k.

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Tensure is a technology consulting firm focused on Cloud Infrastructure, Applications, and Data. Tensure’s mission is to “create freedom”: freedom to be who you are at work, freedom to pursue a career as a technologist, and freedom from the constraints that keep good products from becoming great ones.

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