The apprenticeship program at Tensure is a three phased process that gives individuals with no prior experience the proper guidance and preparation to become developers.

We believe development is a skilled trade, and the mission of this program is to teach that trade to others. We ask that our apprentices rise to the occasion by making a commitment to the process and bringing a strong desire to change the trajectory of their career and life. Change doesn't come easily so we set the bar high. We take this program very seriously because it requires a lot of time and effort from everyone involved. We want to see our apprentices succeed with us and improve their life in the process.

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Prior to starting the Apprenticeship program at Tensure, we require each candidate to invest into themselves as well as their community. Once an applicant has been approved we'll ask them to read a book, volunteer with an organization in their community, and submit a video essay. This is critical, as it proves that any prospective apprentices understand the time commitment expected of them during an Apprenticeship. It also ensures that candidates are able to efficiently manage the time requirement of apprenticing in conjunction with their current life and work obligations. Basically, we know life is busy, so we want to make sure you’re serious about this and prepared for the effort required.

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Once the applicant has been accepted Apprenticeship begins. The program is built on a rigorous curriculum to give apprentices a strong footing to start their technology career. We offer on-demand access to our instructors and mentors, so our apprentices never have to worry about wasting hours stuck on a problem or combing through forums to find direction.

The program spans between 3 to 6 months, and the timeline is dictated by the apprentice’s skill level and pace of learning. The general structure includes 3 hours of direct teaching per week, along with ~20 hours of self-guided learning & practice work each week. It’s a lot of work, but so the saying goes, if you want something bad enough, you’ll work for it.


If the apprenticeship program is completed successfully, the apprentice may be offered the opportunity to advance into the 3rd program phase—a paid internship role. Our internship is 6-months that allows the apprentice to continue to hone their skills and prove whether or not they're ready to be an employed, full-time developer.


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