3 Reasons Why Working with a Google Cloud Partner Kicks Ass

3 Reasons why

When it comes to increasing the scalability, agility, and cost efficiency of an organization, cloud computing is KEY. This is even more true after the COVID pandemic, when consumers flocked online to purchase most, if not all, of their goods.

Business leaders had to act fast to keep up with consumer demand - distributing resources towards developing reliable cloud computing capabilities, including leaning on Google Cloud Partners like Tensure Consulting.

“Being a Google Cloud Partner totally rocks,” says Justin Billig, Executive Leader of Tensure Consulting, “because we know we are giving our clients the biggest bang for their buck. We offer flexibility, experience, and most importantly, trust. Our clients know we got their back and we have the expertise and certifications to prove it.”

Tensure Consulting is an IT solutions integrator that specializes in helping clients adopt, expand, and launch within the cloud. Being a Google Cloud Partner means having access to a global network of knowledge and experience that helps organizations grow to the next level. You get to have certified teams that specialize in application development, cloud migration, machine learning, and more - guaranteeing the expertise necessary to solve your most complex problems.

Not convinced having a Google Cloud Partner on your side is the best choice for you? Here are 3 more reasons why you should work with a Google Cloud Partner:

Reason #1: Know You’re in Good Hands - Work with Certified Professionals; Keep Up with Best Practices

Working with a Google Cloud Partner means getting access to people who KNOW the cloud.

“We get access to Google's best training opportunities,” says Rich Theil, Program Manager. “We keep our folks up to speed, so when something isn’t working, we know how to solve the problem.”

Reason #2: Get a Leg Up on Competition with Beta Features

When Google develops new features or applications, Google Cloud Partners get to test and use them for at least a year, before it becomes available to the general public. This means YOU get to leverage the knowledge of using new apps or features before your competitors can.

“Since we get access to new Google product launches and upcoming features, we are able to shape our client’s future product development in the most innovative way possible,” Justin adds.

Reason #3: Focus on What Really Matters - Your Business.

Google Cloud Partners, like Tensure, have direct access to professionals at Google - from sales and customer engineering, all the way down to the product development team. This means YOU have direct access to the people who built the google feature, so your problems can be fixed as efficiently as possible.

“When we get stumped by a problem, we go directly to Google – giving us the ability to solve problems, without involving our clients. This gives our clients the freedom to relax and focus on more pressing areas of their business,” says Justin.


Google Cloud Partners will help you scale your business and become more agile. Not only will you get access to certified professionals qualified to solve your problems, you will also get a leg up on competition via beta features, AND the freedom to focus on the aspects of your business that matter to you more!

Here at Tensure, we are invested in your success, and want you to thrive in the cloud. Send us a quick message, so we can help you reap the benefits of cloud computing!

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